Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy Thirty Six Years

Thirty-six years of marriage is celebration enough to bring me out of blogosphere hiding.
We got married on my 20th birthday (half seriously and half in jest so that Ron would not be marrying a teenager)
Ron is truly the best person to ever enter my life.
He saved me from the worst part of myself and helped me want to be the best I can be.
I fall short in many areas but we keep on ticking and balancing out each other.

Thirty Six years have brought:
Five children
Two daughters in law who are amazing
Five grandchildren
Mostly ups, but some downs
Some humbling, gut-punching experiences (especially over the past  2 years)
Mostly wonderful and truly blessed beyond comprehension in every area of our lives
Opportunities to lead and serve others at home, Church, schools, and in the community
Excellent education and extracurricular activities for our children
Dear friends that are like family
Family we love
Seven places of residence (starting in a condo on the inter coastal water in Boynton Beach, then to Lake Worth, Greenacres, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington-2 houses, and back to the coast in West Palm Beach)
Opportunities to travel
The blessing of me being a full time mother and available for our children during every day events as well as the life-changing crossroads of their lives.
Generally good health

Life has been good to us.


ellen said...

You have a lot to celebrate! Enjoy your anniversary and birthday!!

ellen said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!