Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year

For a few months, I have been feeling it was time to return to this blog and post more often.
Often does not mean every day, but it certainly does not mean two or three times per year.
I will find the best meaning of "more often" and return to posting.

Today, I read this article about ideas to write in your journal when you aren't sure what to write. I like the ideas and, at times, would like to use them as ideas for posting here on my blog.

Journal Prompts

On New Year's Eve, I asked myself, what do you want to say happened in 2017 when you are looking back on the year? One of the things I said was that I keep a better journal and/or post on my blog more often.

Here's to owning 2017
2016 owned me a little too often.

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