Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Our family loves to play games when we are together. It would be safe to say that Phase 10 has been our running favorite over the years. We play a few other games but we generally return to Phase 10 and stay stuck there. We don't adjust to a new games very well.

That all changed when Santa brought us a new game along with a large tin of popcorn.

Introducing... Farkle (I  Santa purchased ours from Amazon)
As the box says, it is a Dice-Rolling, Risk-Taking game. I might add...lively, fast paced, and great for those who like numbers.
Andrew uses the phrase, "Risk it for the biscuit" as he is rolling the dice.
It worked for him as he was the reigning champion for almost a week.
This week, our game was much quieter without Andrew, but we still loved it.

I highly recommend FARKLE!
Do you already love FARKLE?

Happy New Year
Happy Farkle-ing!

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