Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hidden Figures

I am not a big movie-goer and I would like to say I am more of a book-reader, than I am.
Today,  I saw the film, Hidden Figures.

Based on true events and people in history, this movie made me laugh, cry, cheer, curse, rage, humble, grateful, resolute, want to punch someone, compassionate, aware, attend school, make friends with math, smile, murmur, want to update my wardrobe, find a great lipstick, and read the book ASAP.

I looked at Amazon and there are a few options. One is another book, The Rise of the Rocket Girls  by Nathalia Holt
and a Hidden Figures that is written for a young audience by Margot Lee Shetterly
Below is the cover for the book that was made into the film I saw today.

Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up all the way!

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