Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hostetler Family

This is what we look like after 36 years of marriage.
5 Children
2 Daughters in law
5 Grandchildren (soon to be 6 in February)
7 Houses
Countless memories, laughs, tears, highs, lows, heartbreaks, intense love, and everything in between
Music Lessons and Performances
Sports Practices and Games
Boy Scouts (3 Eagle Scouts)
School Activities and Homework
Grocery Shopping, Cooking, Baking, Meal Preparation
Cars, Learner's Permits, Driver License
High School Jobs
College (3 College Grads, 1 with an MBA)
Church Service (This deserves its own post)
Community Service 
School Volunteering
Work, Work, Work

As good as life is, sometimes I need a reminder.
The people in this photo are those I love the most and would do anything for.
They are the reminder of how good life is.

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