Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feeling Abandoned By God

Bradley McBride aka Middle-aged Mormon Man "gets" life. His perspective is spot on and I look forward to his posts.  I feel like we are friends, even though we have never met. He can have me laughing and crying in the same sentence and he knows life is too serious to take seriously.

His article today, Feeling Abandoned by God, resonated with me on many levels, especially this paragraph:

"Might I suggest this thought: Anger towards God is a personal testimony that you believe He is real and that He lives. You wouldn’t be angry if you didn’t believe in Him, right? Grab onto that basic, pure testimony that He does live, and begin to work your way back. As frightening as it is to think God has abandoned us, it is more frightening to think that He doesn’t exist. He does."

I have been pondering this exact thought for the past few days and I appreciated seeing someone else share it.

The past 4-5  (probably longer) years have been tough ones for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When one of those areas goes way down, the others naturally follow. I feel like I have come back up, not just for a few breaths of air, but to stay above the surface to breathe and enjoy the goodness of life. There will always be challenges but I know they are easier to face with God rather that working against Him or being angry at Him.

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Becky said...

It was a great post, and that was my favorite paragraph as well.