Monday, February 20, 2017

Love One Another

Teaching the New Testament this year has given me a 
deeper desire to love as the Savior, Jesus Christ loves. 
It not always easy to love a person, but this quote by Mr Rogers, 
someone who knows how to be a good neighbor and friend, 
expresses the sacred nature of appreciating and loving others.
In loving those I thought I could or would never love, my life is blessed with a depth and fullness that only comes through  extending myself, leaving my comfort zone, and applying this fundamental principle.
Everything in life feels better when I make the effort to love. Yes, sometimes it hurts, deeply, but the hurts are over come by joy and blessings that remind me I must not be afraid to love and appreciate others.
Blessings always outweigh hurt and pain in the end-always.

Happy Monday!

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