Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spirit Week at Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Spirit Week at Dreyfoos School of the Arts 
With rigorous academics and requirements in their art areas, students work hard and play hard.
During Spirit Week, that all comes together.
Students look forward to this week all year and plan accordingly.
Megan, being a Junior this year, dressed each day in the theme her class was assigned

Music Genre Day
Here is my Indie Girl

Cupid strikes for Holiday celebrations
Junior Class was Valentines Day

Decades Day
Welcome to the 70's Groovy Girl
(She already has her 80's outfit planned for next year)

High School Cliques
Welcome to the newest Cheerleader at Dreyfoos
Junior Class: Jocks and Cheerleaders

When in Rome....
The Cupid sheet doubled as a Toga for the grand finale.

This was fun to watch each day. I am always curious what visitors to the campus think during this week, which also happens to fall during Audition Week for all those who are hoping to attend DSOA the next year. It is definitely not your average school on any day but during Spirit Week, it is exceptional.


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