Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Best Kind of Heart Attack

On Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something memorable for Megan rather than the usual, come home from school to find Valentine goodies from me waiting on the table. I was feeling quite ill with the crazy flu but decided to push through and head to her High School parking lot to decorate the Lexus that she drove to school that morning. This was a good day to be friends with the parking lot security guard.

I proceeded to decorate the car with hearts and put a few gifts inside, including some small stuffed animals on the steering wheel. I was so excited for her to see it and in the same breath, a little concerned that someone may remove the ballon or some of the hearts so I sent her a text asking her to go to her car at lunch break and check to see if my green notebook was in there (it was with me) Several people had been gathering at the windows to watch me and I felt like it was a matter of time until someone told her. I really wanted her to walk out and be surprised without anyone giving it away in advance. Thankfully, no one told her.

When she got to the car, this is what she saw/found:

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