Monday, July 31, 2017

Childhood Memory

Recently, I came across this photo of my two brothers and me from around 1964
It represents a favorite childhood memory.
Brent in the front, Mark in the middle, and me in the back
I am guessing that in this photo, we were close to these ages:
Mark-18 months, Brent 2 1/2-3 , and I was around 4 1/2
We livd next to a lot where horse trailers were sold.
We lived on State Street in American Fork, Utah. Our house was on the east side of the road, across the street from my Aunt Marilyn's house. Today, a Mc Donald's sits on the location of Aunt Marilyn's former home and a KFC sits where my house used to be.
Today, State Street is a very busy congested main highway as opposed to the early 1960's when we walked across the street to visit our cousins. The road was a highway but not with the heavy traffic it sees today.
Our grandma Hoglund lived within walking distance at 44 South, 600 East, where there are now homes and condos.
My dad was working 3 jobs and going to BYU to complete his MBA at this time. My mom would load the 3 of us up in the wagon and take us for long walks. I remember going to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Hoglund, as well as Aunt Marilyn and my cousins, her children. We would also stop and visit with other people along the way. My mom would sing songs and we would join in.. She lined the bottom of the wagon with a towel for us to sit on so we would be more comfortable as we took our walks.
Most of the walks I remember were in the evening, but I am sure we went out at other times during the day as this was most likely the only method of transportation for us on some days. We had one car and I am sure my dad needed that car most days, although I do remember times that we would drop him off at work so my mom could use the car on grocery shopping day.

Photos speak so many words and provide a step back in time that nothing else can.
This photo always creates heightened gratitude for my parents and their sacrifices for our family.
At the time, this may have seemed like an ordinary day, doing an ordinary activity but this is a priceless memory.

Take those photos...even when your family complains, especially when your family complains!

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