Monday, July 24, 2017

Pioneer Day 2017

July 24
Today commemorates the day the first Mormon Pioneers arrived in the 
Salt Lake Valley 170 years ago. 
I am grateful to stand on the shoulders of their sacrifices and dedication, 
the depth of which I cannot fully comprehend.
President Gordon B Hinkley said the following,
"Whether you were born among the posterity of the pioneers, 
or whether you were baptized yesterday, 
each is the beneficiary of their undertaking."

My great aunt, Minerva Teichert, depicted the pioneer journey in many of her paintings.
These are a few of my favorites.
 "Not Alone"
I know that angels carried these Saints through dark and desperate circumstances.

 "Handcart Pioneers"
This is my favorite and hangs in my home.
The strength of this pioneer woman speaks to me. 
She is throwing her bonnet in the air but it is cut of in the painting.

"Covered Wagon Pioneers"

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