Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Family Tradition

Now...On To a Real Holiday....
Blessing Box
A Tradition That Develops An Attitude of Gratitude
Leaping from Halloween to Christmas with only a slight nod in the direction of Thanksgiving is something I work diligently to avoid as a person and as a mother.
The Tradition of a Blessing Box has provided a meaningful way to celebrate Thanksgiving.
We start on November 1.
Our Blessing Box is placed in a prominent location. At the side of the box are strips of paper and a pencil. Daily, each family member is to write down at least one blessing he/she is thankful for and place the strip inside the box. On Thanksgiving Day, when we sit down for dinner, we open the box and go around the table reading each paper with the blessing listed. If we are gone or with a large group for Thanksgiving Dinner, we read the papers the night before or some time close the Thanksgiving Dinner. As we read the blessings listed, it is an incredible reminder of how blessed we are. We laugh, cry, try to guess who wrote some of the silly things, etc.
Your box does not need to be fancy, in fact, it does not need to be a box.. it can be an envelope, a jar, a bowl, a family dish, whatever container you would like. I have purchased beautiful cookie tins to give as Blessing Box gifts. However, the container does not have to be decorated. The important focus is the daily listing of blessings. Find a container you will actually use and one that will fit your life.
I have made Blessing Boxes with children and had them decorate shoe boxes or, at other times decorated Large Manila envelopes.
How did I decorate my box.... this was a plain, unfinished wood box.
Here is how I got it to look so festive...
  • Separate the box and the lid.
  • Work on a large piece of Waxed Paper
  • Coat bottom and lid with Regular Elmers Glue (You can used Mod Podge)
  • Press on small torn pieces (around 2" squares-give or take) of fall print napkins (if they are 2-ply, separate the layers and use the top layer)
  • Make sure all of the box is covered. Around the edges, make sure to press the pieces of napkin inside the rims.
  • When the box is covered, add another layer of glue.
  • Let dry and it will be clear and shiny.
  • Spray with a coat of clear sealer (Optional)

I give Blessing Boxes as gifts every year with a short note explaining how we use our box as a family and how it has given meaning to our Thanksgiving Celebration.

Whether you are alone, an empty-nester, or living with a family, I invite you to embrace this Blessing Box tradition as part of your Season of Thanksgiving.

The world around me becomes more beautiful, enjoyable, and positive as I note my blessings daily! Yours will, also.


love.boxes said...

What a beautiful tradition... even though I'm a skipper.. although I prefer to say that I incorporate the two holidays together. :)

pinkjagxj said...

I'm with you on not forgetting Thanksgiving. It is impossible to find Thanksgiving decorations in the stores since Halloween morphs right into Christmas. I did buy a pair of Lenox Thanksgiving candle holders on eBay a few years back however they’re not NY’s favorite. I’ll put them out today and maybe he won’t remember that. Hey! They match our China!! Thanks for the Blessing Box idea. I’m going to make two, one for us and one for the kids.

Jennalee said...

OH I love this idea!! My sister and I love Christmas so much we go a little crazy, but as we have matured and become moms we really try to keep thanksgiving as a special time to be grateful for everything we have, NOT just 'thankful its almost christmas'
this is a great idea! thanks!!!