Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love Buckets

Valentines Day Is Just Around The Corner
And so is the Target Dollar Spot for these adorable "Love Buckets"
You never know when one of these may land on your front door step filled with goodies.
Read below for the Love Buckets Story and Poem
My Favorite Is this striped one.
I have always liked Pink and Red together!

The Love Bucket idea came from a dear friend, Dawn K. Years ago, she inspired me in so many directions as I served in any calling and in my daily life. That inspiration continues today. I call upon the many things I learned from her over and over as I teach, lead, or live day to day.
I always have a million ideas whirring around in my head. More than I can possibly implement. I am always thinking way ahead of an event or holiday. I always have more ideas than energy, yet I know when I need to focus in on a certain project and I know who can help and how to get it done. I always ask myself, "How would Dawn make this or do this" She is simply amazing. She should have her own blog of craft and decorating ideas.

Before I could even get the Christmas stuff all packed away, I was thinking about the Love Buckets and the poem that goes with them. I just could not remember the poem, so I went straight to the source, via e-mail, I contacted Dawn, who lives in Georgia.
It has been 18 years since the first Love Bucket showed up on my door step (secretly from Dawn and the Primary girls she led at the time-it had Dawn's signature TLC all over it)
I hoped Dawn would give me some sort of idea how the poem went after all these years. Being the awesome person she is... within 24 hours, she located the poem and sent to me. She made a few phone calls and then found it here.
(You can tell my age- I do not always look on line first before I talk to people)
Dawn also told me that she saw these Valentine Pails at the Target Dollar Spot (I had not even found the buckets yet, but knew I needed to plan this activity) and she thought of me. See, Dawn, we share a brain! I miss you!
I am planning to do this Activity with my Young Women the week before Valentines Day. I showed them the buckets last night and asked them to be prepared to fill one of them for a secret "Ding Dong Ditch" Valentine surprise.
Here is the poem:
This little love bucket* is meant to express
Love from a friend* whom you'll never guess.
Replace the goodies with a treat from you
And pass it on to someone whom you love too.

*The word bucket could be replaced with bag or basket
*The word friend could be replaced by neighbor

How are Valentine surprised delivered in your area? When we lived in Utah and Idaho, On Valentines Day, everyone in the neighborhood would leave valentines and cookies, etc. on each other's doorsteps and knock and run. Then we moved to Missouri and New Jersey and did the Knock and Run one "got it". Is that just a thing in the west? It isn't done here in Florida either. Every place else I have lived, people deliver their Valentines in person.
Now the Love Buckets... that is a different story.... we are going to saturate this area with Surprise Love Buckets and hope that the recipients pass on the love!


Nikolas and Emily said...

I saw these at Target yesterday and though they were so cute, but I just couldn't decide what to do with them You never cease to amaze me. This is a super cute idea- now if only we had more than 2 neighbors...

eve said...

love this idea. i wish i had a target here or a dollar store or a micheals type store or a...

I got the good ol' thrift shops so we'll see what I can find.

Martianne said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I love it and adapted it for a recent party activity which I shared - linking back to this post - here -