Friday, August 29, 2008

Laugh Out Loud

Last Year....Labor Day Weekend
Today I was working on a project that took me straight back to one
year ago today...Labor Day Weekend 2007.
Megan's Baptism and a Family Reunion, minus Andrew,
who was serving in Peru as a missionary.
Until today, I had almost forgotten how absolutely
Andrew's missionary letters were.
They are packed with classic one liners that would double us over
with laughter the moment we read them.
What was the project I was working on? revolved
around Andrew's Missionary Letters... I got them completely organized
in the page protectors and in the "Called To Serve" Binder.
(Doesn't everything in our family eventually revolve around Andrew...
no matter how round about it happens?)
I spent a lot of time laughing today...compliments of Andrew.
Read on to the end of the photos...

I posted the photos of our 2007 Labor Day Weekend activities onmy blog for Andrew to enjoy. As you will read at the end...a few things he saw caused great concern for him...

After viewing the photos, Andrew wrote,
"I saw the pictures from the boat trip you all took on the
It seems like you all had a good time!
Although something worries me.
The thing that worries me is the risk that Curt is now at to get
skin cancer on his head!
I have only been gone a year and he has no hair on his head.
From the looks of it he cant grow it on his head
any more so he just decided to grow it on his chin!!!!"
Love, Elder Hoss
You gotta know...Andrew loves his brothers!
Can't you just feel of his love and concern????
Your Turn will come soon enough, Andrew....
soon enough!
I could post for many days on just the hilarious thoughts from Andrew....
More laughs to come....
For a review of last year's fun click

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