Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Word For Friends...

Some May Call Them Friends...
I Call Them Blessings...
Friday Night at Brick Oven Pizza In Provo, UT
(I am old enough to remember when it was named
Heaps Brick Oven Pizza and one of the coolest places in town
to see and be seen! Not that I was ever much of a Provo girl, mind you!)
We enjoyed an evening with Dear Florida Transplant Friends
Had time allowed, we could have filled this room several times
over with Florida to Utah Transplants. This is an exciting
part of visiting Utah... seeing dear friends from Florida.
A blessing I am constantly aware of is that The Lord has put me
in the path of amazing people my entire life. Living in South
Florida for 28 years, my life has been blessed through my
associations with so many dear people.
There is not a person I don't consider a friend and a treasure.
So many people have left a permanent mark on my heart.
I have experienced hundreds of people move in to this area
and eventually, many move away.
Regardless of where they are now or how long they lived near me,
I have learned much and been richly blessed by the people in my life.
Whether I am blessed to associate up close and personal
on a regular basis or just get to catch up with someone once in a while,
I love the people in every corner of my life.
I am surrounded by wonderful people.
If you are reading this....YOU are included. Yes, YOU...
YOU are wonderful!
The people in these photos are dear to me....
How could anyone not absolutely be in love with Cindy J?
Ryan and Carolann, Me, Cindy J, Becky, Robby, Meaghan
Cristina and Andrew

PS- If you are headed to Brick Oven Pizza In Provo, Utah...
order the Spinach Artichoke Pizza. Order the personal 9"
size so you don't have to share!
Loved It!!!
Eating my way through Utah one of the activities I enjoy the most!
My two favorite things in one post...


KYoho said...

Did you hear that Cindy caught the bouquet at Ryan and Carolann's wedding reception? She was actually rather aggressive about getting it. It was SO hilarious!

John and Katie said...

Looks like our "Wellington Ward reunion in Utah" except on a smaller scale! Shauna, you have to realize that EVERYONE in our ward is your friend and loves you! Being such a transient ward, I wouldn't doubt that half the church was a friend of yours by now!