Friday, September 19, 2008

Give Me A Sign...

.College Football Season and My Calendar
confirm this fact...
Somewhere...Someplace it is FALL.
Today, in the 85 degree heat, I welcomed fall to
South Florida!
My front doors are adorned with fall wreathes.
Living where the seasons are hot, Hotter, and HOTTEST,
I make every effort to decorate for the seasons and
holidays (OK, I would do this even if I lived where there are
4 distinct seasons)
As I unpacked my fall decorations, I caught myself grinning
from ear to ear.
Have you ever caught yourself smiling a HUGE smile!
It was so much fun to see my fall decorations again!
What a boost to my spirits!
When you enter my home, it is clear, I am excited for fall....
Welcome Fall... wherever you are!
Soooooo Soooooon The Hot Cider will be brewing.....
even if it is 85 degrees outside!
Katherine gave me some wild perspective on putting out the fall
decorations. She said.... these fall leaves will be up until we
take them down to put Christmas Decorations UP....
What is your favorite sign that fall is here?
Do You Enjoy The Change of Seasons?
Do You Decorate For The Seasons?
Are The Leaves Changing In Your Corner
Of The World?
What Do You Love Most About Fall?

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