Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grandpa David

Andrew and Grandpa David
We met Grandpa David and Grandma Eleanor in downtown
Salt Lake City at
The LDS Church Office Building for lunch. What a Cafeteria...
I mean WHAT a Cafeteria. I could eat there every day!
The food, the prices, the atmosphere....Sign Me Up!
Thank goodness for a low to no windy day. Water from the
fountains was not blowing all over us... and more importantly,
not blowing all over the beautiful Brides who were
posing for photos all over the place.
There is nothing like visiting The Salt Lake
LDS Temple Grounds and surrounding Church Office
Building Plaza to watch the Brides (and grooms) during
their photo sessions.

Andrew lives close enough to walk here every day. I am still trying not to covet his location and the opportunities he has at his finger tips. As soon as the first snow arrives, I will come to my senses and remember why I live in paradise!

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