Monday, September 1, 2008

Hanna Is Not Going To Montana

Where Is Hanna Going???
Not Montana...For Certain
At this point, I live within the
"Cone of Error" or "The Strike Zone"
Oh... all the "Hurricane Lingo" has become a natural
part of my speech over the past few years...
I could do without any of it, "Feeder Bands" and all.
I have to board a plane with Andrew (time to head to college in Utah)
while Hanna is trying to make up her mind.
Until Hurricane Gustav fizzles completely, no one will know for certain
where Hanna is headed...not even Hanna.
The big question is....will I have to head home early or will
I have to stay in Utah longer. I can think of worse places to get
"stuck", but I just don't want to get stuck THERE when my
little girls are HERE, even if they are with Ron. I hyperventilate thinking
about being separated during a storm.
The next few days will tell....
For now...Hanna...please make up your mind so I
can make up my mind!
Why oh why did I think that I could make travel plans
at Back To School and or Labor Day????
Perhaps the past 2-3 quiet years in the Hurricane Department
had me forgetting that the weather seriously does call the shots
when it comes day to day living.
The 2008 season is here to remind me...your plans can change
with a gust of wind.
On a positive note (I think)...
I guess I should be relieved to see that even if she hits
my area...she will hit us with her "Nice" side.
I call the front side of a storm the "Nice"side...
The Back Side is the "Evil" Side....a lot more damage, wind
and tornadoes come from the Back Side.
See...more Hurricane Lingo...told you I was a pro!
Ahhh.....Living in Paradise!
Where do you think Hanna is going to make landfall?

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