Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Proud Mom Moment? Do I Laugh Or Cry?

Third Grade Open House...Oh My.
Today, I was on Mom Duty The Elementary School.
Along with 3 others on Mom Duty,
I helped prepare the halls near Megan's classroom for
The Infamous Parents Open House, aka Back To School Night,
or in our case....Curriculum Night. (Don't let the name fool you...
it is Back To School, Meet The Teacher Night in disguise)
We hung art projects, decorated bulletin boards, made die-cuts,
etc. Everything looks fabulous, which means our teacher will
look fabulous when the parents arrive tomorrow night.
I won't be able to attend Curriculum Night,
I'll be on Mom Duty flying high in a plane with Andrew
who is heading to College. Ron will be the parent in
The parent guilt was gnawing at me over missing
Curriculum Night until....
Oh My.....I Read Megan's "All About Me" Poster
I ALMOST took it HOME...after all, would the teacher really
notice the gaping hole in the perfectly posted projects?
I seriously wondered...Oh My...Do I want to be near when
anyone reads my child's project? Oh My.....
The HUGE posters from each child were titled "All About Me"
The posters had photos of each child, their family, their pets, etc.
They listed their favorites in several areas
They listed their heroes, their friends, and little known facts
about themselves and their families...Catch my drift...listing
little known facts about her family was dangerous enough...
I suppose I should be happy that this is what I read posted next
to a photo of our dog Mr. Riley...
"This is my dog, Mr. Riley. Riley the "Funny Bunny" is what
we call him when he drinks out of the toilet or chews our
under wear. Sometimes he is a naughty boy and poops in my
dad's office. Then we have to swat him and eventually he gets
put outside. He loves to chew under wear. That is why most
ALL of my under wear has HOLES in it."
Should I not be the MOST PROUD MOM in the entire 3rd Grade,
if not, School?
Should I be relieved that ALL she wrote about are
holes in under wear?
Yep... there is SO MUCH MORE she could have spotlighted
regarding her life with us.
Oh....and by the way...her favorite song.... do me proud....
Green Day's "American Idiot" yep the one with all the curse words..
I know...I know...change MY ipod selection and
do not let my children ever hear that CRAP.
(oops, sorry for the language..I know I owe my family members
a quarter for using that word)
I SWEAR she has heard that song ONCE!!!!
Her HERO....Andrew! Because he taught her how to play
Command and Conquer on The Computer.
Yes, I know it could have been so much worse....
Megan, you did me proud...Holes in the under wear and all.


superherotrainer said...


Nikolas, Emily, & Co. said...

Seriously, you got my laughing, a lot!

Cathi said...

Oh my gosh!!
Too funny although...I'm not really surprised, it's Megan. She cracks me up. I didn't realize that she and Austin are in the same grade. I thought she was older. Hmmm, another thing we have in common only I'm the grandma!!
Britt used to think her underwear was the only underwear dogs shewed until one day at cheer practive half the other cheerleaders were complaining of the same thing!! HA!