Monday, September 8, 2008

Twilight Party Ideas

Disclaimer: Second Photo not for the faint of heart (like me). I am not a huge Twilight Junkie...just read the books and liked the last one the best, however, I love parties for any occasion.
Hosting A "Twilight" Book Series
After all...Bella's Birthday is this week....
September 13, to be exact.
Remember how much fun you had with these as a child....
Have Fun Again using these at your party or as a Party Favor

Here is where the disclaimer comes in....don't peak at the photo if your tummy is weak!
These Bags of Cherry Candy Blood Are Perfect Party Favors

(if you can stand to look at them..ugh! Hey- disguise them in some tulle and tie them with some awesome ribbon- ribbon changes everything!)

Both are available from Oriental Trading Company.

I saw some at Walgreens that were a little different than these.

With Halloween goodies in the stores, I am sure you will find the
perfect supplies and snacks for the inner vampire
in you and your guests!
Happy Celebrating!


Gardener said...

These are a little hard to look at, especially after reading "Breaking Dawn". Cute Idea!
Also, glad to hear you liked the 4th one best. Me too. I enjoyed everyones happy ending.

Bryan and Nea said...

Oh, I love it!!!! I am a little obsessed so I am glad to know someone else remembers her birthday!