Friday, September 12, 2008

Work Related Injury

Hands down..... I have proof....
Doing Laundry is Hazardous to your health.
Yes... absolute proof. Today was just like any other
busy day (too full).
One difference... I actually had 3 uninterrupted hours at home to
devote to some sort of household accomplishment.
With this block of time,
I would make sure the house was orderly for the weekend.
I love starting the weekend with an orderly home.
The first order of business was to complete the laundry.
Namely...Fold it and put it away.
Not such a tall order, you say, unless, it goes this way....
Head up and down the stairs multiple times.
( I am still trying to remember any GOOD reason I had for
wanting to fold clothes good reason at this
point in the reasoning process. I just guess is was Unreasonable!)
Each time, carrying a basket of clean UNFOLDED laundry.
Plop each basket in front of the TV in your room.
Prepare to sit in the comfy chair to fold the laundry while
watching some daytime news show.
On the last trip up, scream with PAIN when something in your
lower back SNAPS!!!!
Immediately, stop what you are doing.
Realize that the laundry will not and cannot be folded by YOU
Take some Motrin, Ice Your Back and Stay Down.
Get up long enough to go out to dinner with friends
Be in pain the entire time except for when you are sitting.
(See I can sit up to blog)
Come home...Ice it Up again
Take some more Motrin
Don't worry that the clean laundry is still waiting in the baskets
Realize that tomorrow is another day.
Go To Sleep (after whining about your injury to the Blogosphere)
and hope that you wake up with your back in the condition
you originally woke up with today.
If there is not a change, after all,take comfort in the fact that
folding the laundry will be such an exciting alternative to
all the Physical Outdoor Activity originally planned.
All these years and I did not realize how hazardous to my health
it is to do laundry...
I guess I will have to stop!
Do you think I can file a Workers Comp Claim for this
work related injury?
Have You Ever Injured Yourself While Doing Something
As Routine as The Household Laundry?

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Cathi said...

When I was working in a special ed class full of three and five year olds...we sent five of the fifteen kids home one week with lice. Guess what, yep, I got lice too. I missed two days of work while my first husband lectured me about holding kids at work and pulled half my hair out. I filed for workers comp for those two days. HA! I got it too.
At home my biggest blunder and injuries while performing household chores comes from RUNNING up and down the stairs and...falling. Several times a year!