Friday, September 12, 2008

Every Picture Tells A Story

July 2001
Ron, Katherine, and Andrew
Of all hats...Ron the MAJOR Florida Gator wearing a BYU hat!
I am sure it was in Honor of our children, Curt and Jeff at that time.
Every Picture Tells a Story...
Every picture truly tells a story. Thanks for sharing your stories and
memories of 9-11-01 yesterday.
Ron brought this photo home last night. It sits in a frame on his desk.
This is one of those times that the date being printed on a photo
tells another story.
The background and date in this photo ARE the story!
I am also so thankful I did NOT CROP the background out of this photo.
I am not a big photo cropper, anyhow. It takes too much time
and feels like I am cutting out part of my life.
(I am sounding like something I am NOT here..
a serious scrapbooker!)
I love to see the small details in the background of photos.
The little background details always tell another story.
Over the years, those silly little details become precious memories.
This was reinforced last week while I was in Utah visiting with
my cousin, Darlene. She broke out the family photo albums
and what a time we had...
Reminiscing, Laughing, Crying, and enjoying every minute!
Great memories and family times!
Great stories!
Do you like to crop photos?
Do you like the details in the backgrounds?
Do You Enjoy The Stories told by a simple photo?


Lynelle said...

I will usually leave one picture on the page intact, to see the background.

But then I will crop others to save space. So, that I can see the background, but fit more pictures in. :) But I can't cut the background out of all of them.

howardmomma said...

I found the photo you posted for your Pink Christmas gift from last year and loved it. I am trying to put together an enrichment activity for my ward and would love to do that. could you please post where you got your mold or if you are willing to sell yours?

Shauna said...

Howardmomma-Please give me your email or contact me at