Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Booing....It's A GOOD Thing

Happy October!
We are planning some Boo-teeful
Halloween Fun!
Booing is another name for what my boys
called "ding-dong-ditch" or Knock and Run
Of course, use common sense.....
go with adults and choose friends you know
and neighborhoods that are safe.
You can purchase Booing Kits at Target(above photo) or...
Have fun making Creative "Boo Bags" or Containers
Fill The Bags with goodies and head out
for some Booing Fun in your neighborhood.
Check out Cindy from Skip to My Lou
HERE is last year's fun and today she has
Here are some other ideas to get your
Booing Juices flowing...
Have you ever been booed?
Are you planning to boo?
Do you have a Funny Booing Story?
Happy October...Happy Booing!

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