Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chapter Closed...
No, our family is not falling apart.
(Photo from August 2002. We had 4 weeks together as
a family when Curt returned from his mission to Venezuela
and before Jeffrey left for his mission to Colorado. When Jeffrey
returned, Andrew was tall enough to rest his chin on Curt's head-
Thanks to my friend, Melba for scanning this years ago when I hardly
knew how to send an e-mail!)
Now on to the other story....
We (the girls and I) just left an era behind.
From the moment
I could get a Hair Bow on Katherine or Megan,
they wore Hair Bows most every day in every way.
(no explanation needed after raising three sons)
Sometimes, the bows were almost bigger than their heads
(sorry, girls, see Katherine's bow in above photo).
Sometimes they would take their bows out at school
and leave them in their desks or backpacks. Once in
awhile, I would have to go on a round-up for some of the
oft-worn bows.
That chapter is closed....
The HUGE assortment of Hair Bows was sold at our
recent Garage Sale.
Think about one of those ginormous over-sized Ziploc Bags
completely and totally stuffed full
of every color and style Hair Bow your heart can imagine.
(We kept a few of our favorites and a few that are not "too babyish")
Gone are the days of making a quick trip to
The Quilted Bear while in Salt Lake City just to stock up
on Hair Bows. The quality and prices at Quilted Bear
could not even come close to what is available in my area.
It was a fun chapter. I enjoyed every minute.
Now we are in to the "Straight Hair-No Hair Accessories-
Barely-Comb-Our -Hair" Chapter.
I will enjoy every minute of this, too, will pass.
And as for The Quilted Bear...
thank goodness they sell more than Hair Bows...
it is still a stop I have to make while in Salt Lake City or Provo, UT.
Do you remember seeing my daughters wearing
Hair Bows?
Do you get sad when your children move out from one
childhood chapter to another?
Do your daughters where Hair Bows?


Doty Family said...

My little girl won't leave a bow in her hair at all. SAD!! When one chapter ends another begins!

Jen Thomas said...

ohh.. wish I was at your sale! lol Kenidee is now all about the hairbows! Rylie likes to take them out, and Braden loves to chew them!:)

John and Katie said...

I hope you saved a few in a keepsake box!