Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This Just Me????
Just a Quick Thought...
On Answered Prayers
This past week has reminded me of something that
happens to me when I pray for something that involves
the welfare of other people...
It seems like my prayers are answered quickly and
with great clarity when other people will benefit.
As a Parent (for my children) or
When I have served as the President of an
Organization at Church
(Twice As Relief Society President, Twice as Primary
President, Once as Ward Young Women President,
Once as Stake Young Women President, and lots of
times as a teacher, Presidency Member, or assigned
to work on a Committee)
Every time I pray to know what is best to teach, lead, or assist
those whom I am called to answer comes,
I act on the answer, I never look back and question, it is
full speed ahead..... Even down to the little details as far
as what scripture to share, what color a handout should be.
If it matters and will help another person....
I receive a clear answer.
Sometimes, I even see an exact picture. I can see
the faces of people and know exactly how to help them or I can
recall a person or phone number I have not remembered in
years, but it is exactly the resource I need to help someone.
I do not take this gift lightly, I know I am here on this earth
to help make the journey for others brighter.
Sometimes, all I am needed to do is connect people
and resources, then back away.
There are those around me who misunderstand
this gift and would view it as I am always in "other
people's business" or trying to control a situation.
I am willing to be misunderstood in order to follow the
promptings I receive in answer to prayers.
I know where my heart is and I know that I am an
instrument in the Lord's hands here on earth.
Recently, service in my Community has been directed by
prayers. I have had challenges that could not be solved without
the help of The Lord. He has answered my prayers.
The answers have been quick and very clear....of course...
because the welfare of other people are involved.
Ron and I have had this conversation and he agrees,
especially when he served as a Bishop or in The Stake
Presidency...when you are on the Lord's errand...
prayers are answered without missing too many beats.
As for prayers that involve ME.... it takes more time-
unless a quick answer is necessary.
I never give up, because I know answers come...
on the Lord's time. And when the answers come for
ME...they are clear.
Soooo....Is it just me?
Are your prayers for others answered quickly?
Do you ever get such a clear answer that you
just move ahead and never look back?
Have you ever had an answer that came so clearly that you
will never forget it?
I have a testimony of Prayer. It works. The Lord takes care of us,
many times through the answers to the prayers of other people.

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