Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Tired....
4:30am came early today!
Have you ever worked so hard in one day that you are beyond
tired? Adjectives escape me as I search for an accurate
description of the way I feel tonight.
I am so Tired...even my HAIR hurts.
It is a good tired...a wonderful tired!
Yours truly during the Opening Program. I recognized The
Sponsors and introduced our MSABC Chair.
We had beautiful weather! After a week of rain most every
day, it got cool and absolutely gorgeous for our big event.If you ask most of the children in attendance, those who
got to ride in golf carts said that was their favorite part.
Here I am with Katherine and Megan, who, loved the
golf cart privileges that came along with the
"Our Mom Is Working Her Tail Off" territory!
Here is Lacy, one of the Young Women from Church. I was so
proud of the girls from Church who volunteered. They
have such great attitudes and know how to roll up their
sleeves and work, work, work!
They are headed out to place signs along the walking path.
Here is Gigi, another one of The Young Women from Church.
We really did do more than ride around in Golf Carts...
We worked hard and played hard!
And just like that......all the months and months of planning and
preparation came together for an amazing event!
Hooray for The American Cancer Society,
in The Western Communities of Palm Beach County!
Serving on The Executive Committee for this event
was an amazing experience!
The people I worked with on the Committee and in
The Community were incredible! regularly scheduled life needs
me to tune back in and pick up the pieces
(read...deep clean the house and hit the gym
consistently...oh, and maybe take a nap!)
Meanwhile....tomorrow is Stake Conference and in the
afternoon, we are hosting an Open House for a Young Man
who will be serving in the Columbia Bogota Mission this week.
The nap will have to wait until Monday.....

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Cathi said...

You Shauna, are absolutely incredible and I admire you beyond words!! You make me proud to call you "sister"!