Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pete's Dragon Memories...
Another reason to love Netflix! This came in the mail yesterday and my girls enjoyed it last night (No school today thanks to the Jewish Holiday, Yom Kippur).
Having Pete's Dragon playing took me straight back to the early 80's when we got our first VCR. Pete's Dragon was one of TWO Pirated (sorry dad) movies we had. The other was The Wizard of Oz.
Ron and I were young and starting out. We lived in a small Duplex in Greenacres, FL. We had two little boys and a very tight budget. Purchasing a VCR was Big Time for us. We were saving a little at a time and hoped to purchase a VCR for Christmas. However, we had a blessing come our way that brought the VCR earlier than Christmas.... Occasionally, we had the opportunity to care for the children of my dear friend, Kathi C, while she and her then husband, Don, were out of town. When they came home from one of their trips and paid us, we were was exactly enough money to purchase our FIRST VCR!!!!!
We had very little money to purchase VCR Movies, so we would record movies off of TV when we could. One of dear friends had CABLE TV (something we could never justify in our budget at that time) he would record movies from the Disney Channel for us if we would give him a blank tape. Eventually, we built up a little library of movies so the boys would not have to watch the same TWO. (Or that I would have to LISTEN to the same TWO)
One of my memories of Pete's Dragon is from 1985-1986. I was pregnant with Andrew and very, very sick for most of the time. Jeffrey and Curt had grown out of taking naps which made it difficult for me to get much rest. Each day after lunch, I could put Pete's Dragon or The Wizard of Oz in to the VCR and be guaranteed that they would be satisfied to focus on the movie while I took a nap nearby.
To this day, I can remember hearing the end of the movie approaching, signaling that quiet time was over. Time to function again.
Until yesterday, I had forgotten how much I LOVE the music from Pete's Dragon. I realized that some of the songs I have continued to sing over the years, yet had completely forgotten where they came from (so much for the whole learning in your sleep theory after listening to this movie in my sleep every day for months!) Even Katherine said to me, "so this is where you learned that song", more than one time.
I wonder if my boys even remember this movie. Jeffrey was passionate about Dinosaurs at the time and Pete's Dragon, Elliot, was close to a Dinosaur, which made this his favorite for months and months.
Have you ever seen Pete's Dragon?
What is your favorite Childhood Movie?
What movie could you watch over and over?
Do you have favorite music from a certain movie?

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