Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ice Hockey In South Florida-Eh!

A Much Needed Night Out....
Tonight was a welcome break from the intensity of the past few days.
Ron, Katherine, Megan, and I went to a Florida Panthers vs Montreal Canadiens (yes that is how they spell their team name-think FRENCH CANADIENS) Ice Hockey Game.
A little know fact about me.... I LOVE Ice Hockey-especially when they FIGHT.( I know...)
Keep in mind, we are in South Florida so.... there were more Canadien fans than Panther fans (or so it seemed)
Katherine kept asking why everyone was speaking another language (hello...that is NORMAL for South Florida-oh-but this was FRENCH they were speaking)
When the Canadiens scored the first goal, the total arena came alive and I was worried what we were in for the rest of the game. Yes, the visitors in the crowd dominated! No worries, The Panthers came through and won in the last period. No fights and No Blood on the ice tonight, either.

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