Monday, January 25, 2010

Marathon Weekend

Once the news travelled regarding the tragic deaths at our school this weekend (see below), my phone and email kicked in to high gear.
As PTA President, I needed to do everything I could to support our School Family and pull them together as they grieve. Thankfully, I have an amazing Board to work with. These women roll their sleeves up and "get it done" in every situation.
There were so many details to cover in a short amount of time (My Relief Society President brain kicked in and went to work-once an RS President, always an RS President in thought):
  • Calling all the parents in the classroom to let them know of the tragedy before the boys' names were released to the Media. (Our Principal and Asst Principal handled this very well)
  • Calling all the Families who were invited to the boys' Birthday Party scheduled for noon that day. (Constructing a Guest List)
  • Sending A Sheriff to the Party Location in the event we missed a guest.
  • Fielding calls from Media, Parents, Media, Friends, MEDIA.
  • Consenting to ONE interview with a local TV Station and then worrying about what portion of the interview they will was OK.
  • Organizing a 7am Breakfast this morning for the entire Faculty and Grief Counseling Team
  • Coordinating Volunteers (My Entire Board) to handle the Morning Student Drop-Off/Arrival so the entire Faculty could be together in a meeting.
  • Greeting Parents and Students.
  • Trying to maintain normalcy and routine for the children.

This is a time where I am beyond grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have a profound love for my family and friends.

This whole tragedy has made me stop to think of the many people I know who need kindness and understanding. And...of those who need help with depression, despair, emotional issues, etc. whether they realize it or not. My mind and heart are heavy as I think of those who need counseling, medication, and solid long-term therapy. Just how far do I go to help people in this type of need-especially when I know they need it? This could have easily been someone I am closer to than this family. This could have been a family member of mine, or of anyone else, for that matter. It is important for our culture to eliminate the stigmas associated with seeking counseling, admitting the need for help, and the need for medications.

Hug someone and tell them you love them TODAY.


John and Katie said...

My heart goes out to those I do not know but also to my dear friends who are suffering because of this tragic event. I confess to feeling an anger toward the coward who would murder the innocent but not have the courage to end his own demons. I wish there was some way of giving you support at this time. Remember that Katie & I love you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately those who suffer from depression don't always want to get help or take the medication until they feel better and then don't want to take it anymore. Sometimes I think the medication doesn't work. There are lots of different reasons I guess. It's hard to understand what it is like or sometimes it is hard to know how to help someone.