Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Ice and News

  • No Snow here today (we hoped to see ONE FLAKE) but there was plenty of ICE early this morning...another rarity.
  • Andrew had to return to UTAH yesterday to warm up!!!! I must say, I miss that kid and the house is just not the same without him. I am hoping this next semester or two go quickly and he can return for a longer period of time.
  • My house is in one of the bigger MESSES I have experienced in many years. Not because Andrew was home! We are basically living upstairs as much as possible while our entire house is a DUST BOWL! All the tile, marble, and wood downstairs was removed in preparation for new wood floors on the entire first floor. I am trying not to entertain the weeks of clean up ahead of me!!!! (Anyone wanna help me dust and clean next week?????)
  • I am working on our School Golf Tournament which happens in 3 weeks. Crazy Crazy Crazy, but our playground NEEDS to be Re-furbished in the worst way and this is a great way to bring in the $$$ to make that a possibility.
  • TIME OUT FOR WOMEN is buzzing all around me. I am working with the most amazing women all over the State of Florida. Amazing! March 5 and 6 will be here tomorrow if I blink!
  • In other news, my printer is DEAD, my muscles are sore (that January exercise), and I am having a Mammogram tomorrow (I know, TMI)
  • And....My office is TOO DUSTY to actually sit in for any length of time, so I will stop this epistle here.

Have a Wonderful Week and Stay Warm, Wherever You May Be...Even South Florida! Remember-if you have SNOW, My Children are Envious!

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