Friday, January 8, 2010

The Main Attraction

The Cruise Director had 4 Married Couples come up to the parents were targeted for having been married 50 years. The Couples were divided in to teams and then switched around so no one was on the same team as their spouse. Then the fun began....

The Spoon Threading Competition. A spoon is attached to a very long string and must be threaded up the bottom of the person's clothing and out the top and then passed on and dropped down the top and out the bottom, and so forth.

Mom's team was still trying to get the spoon threaded up her pants and out the top of her shirt while dad's team was at the end of their line.

Dad was coaching his team and they were fast. The Cruise Director was quite entertained by my dad competitive nature and counseled my mother to keep her eye on him.
And the grand prize?????? A Water Bottle and a lot of fun memories!
Thank you for being such great sports and entertaiment, mom and dad!

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