Saturday, January 9, 2010


Talking About The Weather is generally not considered an exciting topic of conversation. However, today in South Florida, it is newsworthy....SNOW FLURRIES are predicted for as far south as Palm Beach County! That means MY AREA!
We woke up to gloomy, rainy skies, with temperatures dropping steadily by the hour!!!
The last time I remember weather this cold here is Christmas of 1989 when we got our Trampoline.
Santa and his elves almost had frozen joints after assembling that Trampoline in Freezing Cold Temperatures.
We actually had an icicle on our house that morning.
It is a stay inside and drink hot cocoa day today! This would get very old for several months in a row.
Now, what I always think about when it is
What must it possible feel like in all points north?????
Sooooooo How cold it it where YOU are?

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