Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reviewing The Plan

As in...The Hurricane Plan
Yes, we are talking about the Weather in South Florida...again. Like it or not, the weather becomes the center of many conversations this time of year.

Right now, we are looking at Igor...possibly followed by newly formed Julia and Karl. Speaking of Hurricane names...would you like a storm named after you??? I am not sure I would consider it an honor or something to be excited about.
I am having visions of 2005 when we went all the way to "W" aka Hurricane Wilma. Wilma was forming just as we were returning from a week long cruise the first week of October. In fact, we experienced sprinkles of rain on the last day of our cruise, never imagining that they were part of a Hurricane that would actually hit us.
We were scheduled to go on a 5 year reunion cruise in 2 weeks from now. As much fun as it would be, I think I am glad to not be anticipating a Cruise out in rough seas.

Today, as I sat in Church, I got a strong feeling that I need to review our Hurricane supplies and of THOSE strong feelings that should not be ignored.
One thing I have learned about stocking up on supplies is that even if the storm does not hit my area, it will hit somewhere and my supplies can go to that area for assistance.

Are you prepared/preparing for the approaching Hurricanes?
Would you like a Hurricane to be named after you?

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