Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unpacking Surprise

So, I admit it, the Christmas "stuff" is unpacked and the halls of our house are decked. (The entertaining starts December 1st so I want to come home from our Thanksgiving Trip and be greeted by my Christmas Prepared House!)
Now here is the surprise...
When I opened a large box of Christmas Decorations, what do you think I found?????
A certain child's MATH HOMEWORK from January 2010!
And the homework was complete!!!!!
I distinctly remember the weeping and wailing while trying to find those assignments that she SWORE were complete and I was CERTAIN they had been tossed in the garbage. It was not a pretty day!
I wonder if her grade can still be changed?

1 comment:

sista # 2 said...

Mystery solved!! year later!
That's funny.Your blessing box is great -how cool to do in school ;)
Congrats to your daughter!That is awesome!Have a great holiday friend!