Wednesday, December 8, 2010

M.I.A. from the Blogsphere.

The Action part of M.I.A is the best description of my life. We returned home from Thanksgiving in Atlanta and hit the ground running (literally) Lots of fun memories and pictures to share at some point. Time with the cousins is never long enough.
  • School Holiday Hut has been my second home. We are an on-campus "Dollar Store" only all of our items are $2. The children have the opportunity to shop for friends and family on their gift giving list.  It is so much fun to listen to their conversations. (another post for another day) We are a big time operation with more that $10,000 collected in the past week and a half (do the $2 each, we have sold A HUGE LOAD of items) anything that is leftover, we exchange for School Supplies, Socks, and Underwear to donate to our Sister School in Belle Glade, FL.
  • Gingerbread House Nights (Two so far with one more to go) I feel so blessed to give this gift each year to my children and their friends.
  • Baby Shower for Nohemi's soon to be grandson.
  • Christmas Shopping with Ron (we blew through our entire list in one long afternoon-evening)
  • Exercise
  • Brunch at The Breakers Hotel last Sunday (I know...Sunday) This is our annual invitation and what a treat! Everyone should experience Brunch at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach as least once per year (if not, once in a life time!)
  • Megan attending Art Classes at the Armory downtown M, Tu, Wed in preparation for her audition for BAK Middle School of The Arts
  • Katherine rehearsing for: All State, Winter Chorus Festival, Young Singers of The Palm Beaches , Jupiter Nativity Experience.
  • Katherine's Young Singers of The Palm Beaches dress is altered, shoes are purchased, and I attended the recent parent meeting
  • Homework and major school projects for both girls, not to mention Middle School Finals are next week for Miss Kat.
  • PTA PTA PTA More than a full time job..seriously!
  • Ebay-Sold some items last week and had to ship them. Wish I had time to list more.
  • Parade Float This week, we get the school float ready for the Wellington Holiday Parade. I'll be marching along with the float and 35 scooter riders who will  not THROW candy to the bystanders. They will HAND candy to the bystanders. Saturday is assembly. Sunday is show time.
  • Parties, Parties, and more Parties Tis the season.
  • Another LEAK in our house. The downstairs bathroom toilet had a leak that warped our new dining room floor. It was repaired this afternoon in time for our kitchen sink to LEAK via the Garbage Disposal.
  • Preparing the Ward Calendar as my last official Activities Committee Chair duty. The new instructions from our Church Leaders eliminate this calling. Interestingly, I have been the Activities Chair WITH or WITHOUT the official title for most of the last 30 years.
  • Just found out a friend's Breast Cancer is back and a few other friends are having some serious health challenges.
Oh yes, and the house is decked out for Christmas! I LOVE Christmas decorations! Thankfully, it was 90% decorated before we left for Thanksgiving.

Other things to add to my list:
  • I need to get some gifts wrapped ( I LOVE to wrap gifts unless it is last minute, then I loathe gift wrapping)
  • A Baking Day with the girls (after the 17th when school is out)
  • A trip to see Santa at The Gardens Mall
  • Reading some Christmas stories with the girls
  • Watching some Christmas movies with the girls.
  • Visiting Neighbors and friends with goodies.
  • One more trip to the Post Office
  • Christmas Cards ( I LOVE receiving and sending Christmas Cards, even in an age of electronic communication)
  • Beginning to focus on my next phase of life (aka POST PTA)
  • Laundry, Dishes, Vacuuming, Dusting, Meal Preparation, etc. Somehow, they never go away when other items are on my list!
If you read this far...bless you!

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