Friday, November 25, 2011

A New View

Behind The Scenes of 
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir...
I have been to Thursday evening rehearsals,
toured the back stage of the organ pipes, and
attended many performances of Music and The Spoken Work
in the Tabernacle. Last week, I got an in depth tour of 
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir dressing rooms, music library, 
sewing & alteration room, and on and on.I will never look at the Choir the same.
This photo is from rehearsal...
 This is the sewing/alteration room.
The women who work here are full time volunteers.
 There were yards and yards of fabric and beaded collars waiting to be attached to dresses.
It is an amazing operation run with order and precision.
 Each slot has contains the dresses for one female choir member.
The are numbered by seat and part,
i.e. Soprano #39, etc
 Another view of the dressing room.
 The music library....
It goes on and on and on.
Once again, very orderly and precise.
 The Men's Dressing Room
Most of their jackets are navy, each one having a slight different detail.
All clothing stays at the Tabernacle.
 Each tie and jacket have a name.
i.e. the orange tie is called the Halloween Tie.
I suggested it be changed to the Florida Gators Tie 
as the detail on the orange is blue.
 The men have a mannequin dressed the way they should look before they proceed up to perform.
The white board provides a description of the outfit and there is a full length mirror for each
man to look in and check to make sure he matches the mannequin. As they go upstairs, there is a visual inspection done by a male Choir support member.
With all this help, each week, there is at least one man who has to go back downstairs and 
change at least one part of his outfit. Eventually, they get it right and everyone matches.
After this new view, I will never look at The Mormon Tabernacle Choir the same.
I love seeing how things "work" behind the scenes and this was fascinating to me.

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