Saturday, January 14, 2012


Our prayers for safety each day are answered. This is know.
Since this is private, I will share...yesterday an intruder was in our house with me. I am thankful it was just me and my daughters were not home with me.
He seemed to have a few purposes...robbing us and scaring me.
It does not appear that he took anything, although he had a pile ready in our room with one of our backpacks and pillow cases. I must have interrupted that.
He was hiding in our downstairs shower as I was coming in and out unloading groceries.
My first clue was that Riley was going barking barking barking crazy when I arrived home and would not stop.
He went over to the bathroom and was barking and growling.
Thinking I would see a mouse or snake, etc. I went to see what the fuss was all about. As I approached the bathroom, a man's voice said don't come in and no one gets hurt.
I backed away and was not sure where to go or what to do in case someone else was in the house As I backed away, he said something else that indicated he knew me and then he left through the bathroom door. I was too paralyzed to go look out the window and see where he went or what he looked like. I was still wondering if someone else was in the house.
I managed to think that I needed to get to a home phone and call 911 so they would know where I was.
I hid in the pantry while I spoke with the dispatcher. They got here quickly, but it felt like forever.
Lots of Sheriff cars, detectives, helicopters, K-9 search arrest, but the k-9 was able to track his scent to a specific location out past the golf course.
I could not speak a complete sentence for awhile and cried most of the time the search was going on. Ron came home and I felt much calmer.
He brought the girls home from the bus stop and we told them what had happened. I was thankful all the cars and sheriffs were gone by the time they arrived home.
It is very unsettling and feels like a bad dream, but when I walk by that bathroom, I know it was not a dream.
I dont want to go out and about and I certainly don't want to have my children home alone.

I know I need to dust myself off and go forward, but it will take some time and PRAYER.  Say a prayer for my family and me.


Becky said...

What a horrible experience! We're glad it wasn't any worse. Definitely sending thoughts and prayers your way.

KYoho said...

Oh Shauna, I'm so sorry! I'm so glad you were able to do what you had to do to be safe...things can be replaced, you can't! Praying that you will able to feel safe again in your own home