Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunday School Week 2

It is Thursday and I had better post last week's lesson before a new Sunday arrives. This campaigning stuff takes time (not the hard part) and courage (the hard part) I have been calling and emailing people for 2 days asking if I can list their names as supporters on an endorsement list. It is humbling to have resounding YES's and ABSOLUTELY's to every request. I am aways worried that someone won't want to be involved in politics, etc., but so far, that worry is unfounded.
I have tried to get a good mix of Church, School, and Community but my Campaign Manager tells me the list can never be too big so I do a little more each day. If you live in Wellington and you are reading this...I may call you next...or  you can call me...

Now, on to Sunday School and another amazing lesson.
First, Sister Rane challenged every class member to do the following this year:
1) Read the entire Book of Mormon
2) Give away a Book of Mormon

1) How valuable are the scriptures to me?
2) What sacrifices am I willing to make to be obedient to the Lord?

"One who does not understand Nephi's relentless determination to obtain those record, no matter what the cost, will never understand why it was fundamentally necessary to bring forth The Book of Mormon in this dispensation. As with Nephi's traveling through the wilderness...we too should carry the sacred records with us on our own journey toward the promised land."   -Elder Jeffrey Holland-

This image of carrying our scriptures through our own wilderness is very real for me.

I loved the lesson on obedience, especially pertaining to obeying the counsel from our Prophet. Once again, by staying on the subject and lesson material, I was lifted and inspired to do better and better.

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