Saturday, May 5, 2012


For the past few weeks, my thoughts have been concentrated on gratitude for the Lord's protection of me... physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

There have been times in my life when I absolutely know (or knew shortly after) that the Lord is moving pieces into place for me. People and situations have been maneuvered specifically for me.There are 3 very distinct times in my adult life that I have had this certainty. One of them took place this past month as I was protected with a change in the election results. This is not to say that I have not had a wealth of answered prayers during my life, because there have been countless answers. Some are just more specific and life-changing than others.

I continue to be humbled, grateful, and filled with joy as I reflect on this miracle in my life...after all...when does someone "WIN" and then "NOT WIN" and is finally confirmed..."NOT THE WINNER" in a United States Political Election.And when have you ever known someone to be so grateful for the confirmation that they are "NOT THE WINNER"?
At some point, I must compose a detailed, orderly account of this experience. Some details cannot be shared would invite controversy and additional law suits... but the important details can be shared...the love of my Savior Jesus Christ, my Brother, my Advocate.

In relation to this experience, I reflect on the occasions when I am reading certain parts of The Book of Mormon.  I shake my head when the people have an incredible faith promoting know... the ones you are sure no one could ever deny...and then they turn around in 5 seconds and harden their hearts? You know... like the faith promoting experience I just wrote about? I had a glimpse of understanding of this extreme change of heart in the past few days. It was just a small peak.

Even with such strong, faith-building experiences, it is easy to become side-tracked and forget just how much the Lord wants us to put our faith in him. Within the past few days, we were faced with a crazy experience centered around a house situation. It has been sailing so smoothly and then a big curve was thrown our way. For about 24 hours, I panicked and tried to handle this situation on my own...hello....hello...HELLO?  Thankfully, I caught myself and turned it over the Lord. I have been calm and assured that the right doors would be opened to us at the right time. It may work out and if not, a better situation will come. I am not going to question the Lord's timing or direction.

How do I keep this feeling of gratitude, joy, and humility in the forefront of my heart and mind? I don't want to be sidetracked by something much larger than this recent glitch.
Here are a few things that help me (written for my benefit, but you may feel the same)

Less TV and Computer (more uplifting music or BYU TV with General Conference Broadcasts)
Daily Uplifting Reading (scriptures, Church Magazines, General Conference Talks)
Eating Less Junk
An orderly and clean home
Arise on time with family for Prayer and Scriptures
Weekly partaking of Sacrament
Staying in touch with positive friends and family (lunches with friends-old and new)
Avoiding Negative people and places

The list could be so long, but these are some of the things that keep my life centered.

Again, I am full of joy, gratitude, and humility at the abundance poured upon me and my family. I pray I will do my part to have these tender feelings.

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