Sunday, April 7, 2013

Favorite Part of General Conference

The Blogs, Facebook Comments, Pinterest Posts, Tweets, Chat Rooms, etc are all lit up with feedback on LDS General Conference.
I loved every minute and every word.
It was over all too soon.
My favorite part?
The wrap up.
Yes, our family "wrap up" session.
It has become a tradition for us to sit in a circle on Sunday evening and share our notes, thoughts, feelings, and favorite messages.
We share what we personally needed to hear, what we can improve, how we will make better choices, and how the messages apply to our lives.
This is when I am thankful for the detailed notes I took and it is interesting to see what each person wrote down during the very same talk.
Now to re-read and view the full messages again.
I can't wait!!!!

What is your favorite part of LDS General Conference Weekend?

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