Monday, April 15, 2013

Prom #1

Somewhere, I blinked and all of the sudden, Katherine is 16!
Last Saturday, she attended Prom with her boyfriend, Michael, at his school.
It was a magical night and so much fun to watch her get ready.
She is a pro at make-up and hair
Her dress was perfect!
I can you tell the Mormon girl at Prom?
She has sleeves and is wearing enough fabric to cover 3 more girls.
This was close to true when comparing to the girls in the group they went to dinner with. thankful for a standard of modesty and a daughter who lives it!
 Lots of frenzy in the preparation...
 This counter tells a story all by itself.
 Cinderella was ready for her handsome prince.
 More make up on those shiny lips.
 Her flowers were gorgeous and went perfectly with her dress
 Making her grand entrance
 Her handsome prince arrived!
 She was off to the prom and ready for NO MORE photos from the mom-a-razzi!
 Beautiful flowers!
 They are ready to go...
 Our yard provided a beautiful backdrop for photos.
 Every corner of our yard provides a new view.
The title of this blog post is Prom #1 because this Saturday, we do it all over again  for The Regional Mormon Prom.
This is such an exciting time in life for Katherine and for us. I am so grateful I could be here to share the day with her. I almost went out of town even though I KNEW I should be here. What a crazy crazy thought to think I could miss this special time.

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