Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeffrey

In no particular order, celebrate Jeffrey!
Happy Birthday, son!
Thirty-one-derful years!
I love you!
Jeffrey, your life is a miracle, read here.

Wedding Day!
 With little pumpkin Riley
 Summer 1997 Hostetler Cousins, minus Megan
 Meeting Grandpa David in Salt Lake (and Eleanor, too....No.....)
 Du Bois Beach Park with the Hostetler Cousins
 Snipe Hunting with Grandpa Hogie
 Lego Building with Megan
 Game Day
 Pumpkin Patch
 Go Gators
 Father Son Campout
Note Jeff's dinosaur shorts, homemade by mom. 
Curt's tank top is styling. 
 Easter at the WPB Carandis Building
 Meeting Megan 1999
 First Birthday Cake
 Bath time after first Birthday cake
 Welcome home from Colorado Denver Mission
in between Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne
 Engagement Photo
 The sports Wall of Fame
Bachelor Apartment decor.

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john said...

re the picture of him eating his first cake.....has he gotten any better?