Monday, May 1, 2017

Paris In The Spring

 We are home from a dream.
Two and a half days in Paris!
We went with the expectation of seeing two main things: The new Paris LDS Temple and the Eiffel Tower.
We decided that anything else we got to see or do was a bonus.
We had a major bonus!
Our first day, we saw the Paris LDS Temple then walked to Versailles (already a bonus) It was as magnificent as imagined. After Versailles, we went to the Eiffel Tower. From that point on, everything else we saw or did was a bonus.
We became familiar with the train system and off we went to all points Paris.
We also bought a "hop-on-hop-off" tour the city bus pass like we did in Munich. This was time and money well spent.
These photos are from our first day, which was a half day as we gave ourselves the luxury of a jet  lagged nap which proved to be exactly what we needed before we hit the ground running for the next 2 full days.
My hashtag for this trip is #parislikeabosswithmrhoss
Loved this trip, albeit short and can't wait to return and experience The Louvre to Megan and have Katherine help us speak French.
The Paris LDS Temple
It has been noted in the press releases and photos that there is no Angel Moroni on top of the temple.
With the reason given that it does not fit well with the design and aesthetic of the area.
After spending time in Paris, I totally agree this was the correct choice.
There is a beautiful garden in the back with a white marble statue of Christ.

 It was difficult to photograph this Temple. The photos in the press releases are much better than any I could take. It is gorgeous inside and out. The stained glass is breathtaking.

Versailles is within walking distance of the Paris LDS Temple
Well worth the walk and such a contrast in feelings from one building to another.

 We are not  from the selfie generation but we tried many selfies this trip. We do have a selfie stick and have set a goal to learn how to use it before the next trip. Even that sentence makes me sound so old!

More photos later. This is just a start. We packed a lot in to 2.5 days, only because we wanted to and not because we felt like we had to.

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